Established in 1981, Randall May International has built a reputation by blending art with science propelled by a passion for perpetual innovation. Driven by a philosophy that is centered around a relentless advocate for the musician, RMI is the leading pioneer in marching percussion supportive technology. RMI does not stand still, believing innovation is a never ending exploration, and continues to develop, engineer, and manufacture the premier products in their industry. It is a journey that is motivated by a relentless pursuit for excellence, and it is with this continued dedication that has allowed us as a company to constantly raise the bar. 


Every MAY innovation, from conception to completion, is designed, engineered, fabricated and manufactured at our headquarters in the USA, using aerospace materials, aluminum alloys and high performance machinery capable of holding and maintaining aerospace tolerances. Each product endures months of rigorous design and engineering variations, countless prototypes, and thorough in house and field testing before it even begins to come to fruition. It is this attention to detail, level of commitment and perfection in engineering that is a reflection of Randall May International and MAY technology. Evident of this is a portfolio of over 50 U.S. and foreign patents awarded to RMI innovations, with over 30 dedicated solely for percussion, marching percussion and pro audio. 


Over the past 36 years, our success has been awarded by partnering with market leaders such as Yamaha, Drum Workshop, Mapex, Ludwig, Sabian, Zildjian, Remo, Latin Percussion and the National Football League (NFL). It is a privilege that RMI does not take lightly, and an honor that continues to motivate Randall May, who is still at the helm of every RMI innovation.