Conga Stand

Conga Stand
Fully adjustable to fit any conga drum, in any situation, the Ultimate Conga Cradle by MAY features ATS patented technology, ergonomic design, and aluminum construction making this the perfect, high performance cradle for any application.


Patented Technology
Utilizing Stadium Hardware’s patented technology (ATS), a single leg can adjust independently of the other two legs to ensure stable support of the instrument regardless of the surface. Ergonomic wing bolts provide even greater torque values with less effort during setup.

The Ultimate Conga Cradle by MAY complements any size conga drum while the fully adjustable collars allow positioning for and user preference and utilization.

The aluminum body provides a powerfully strong, yet ultra lightweight support system for any size conga drum.

Environment Adaptability
The ergonomic design of the cradle maintains proper playing technique and accommodates all players regardless of the stands environment, or size of conga drum.

Secure for Play
Stabilizing legs secure the instrument during play, while feet grip the surface of any floor to prevent movement. Tubular leg braces have been added for further strength and rigidity ensuring dynamic support of the drum.

Ease of Mobility
The ergonomic, aluminum construction allows for incredible ease of transportation and player mobility while the collapsible design results in easy, flat folding for packing and storage.

Available through Gon Bops