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ABS™ Auto Release Monoposto for Bass
The only marching carrier developed to support correct posture and playing position. Advancing both Posto Series and Contour Hinge technology, the new Articulating Back Support Auto Release, like its ABS predecessor, enhances all the wellness benefits along with redistributing unwanted weight off players' shoulders, resulting in unprecedented comfort and freedom while promoting healthy posture. It is so advanced there are multiple patents recognizing its innovation and technology. There is nothing else like it.


ABS™ Auto Release Monoposto for Bass


ABS™ Magnetic Connection (MC)
Magnetic holding position automatically disengages to performing position


Setup and Custom Fit

ABS Auto Release™
The Articulating Back Support (ABS) features a compound, contoured back plate spreading the load over a greater area, and promoting the natural curvature of the player's back. In addition, the ABS back plate incorporates a specifically designed shape eliminating all contact with players shoulder blades (scapulae static or dynamic rotation) and performing movements. The new Auto-Release feature is designed to reposition automatically as the carrier is lifted off and on, resulting in easier mount and dismount without loosening any of the ABS sizing or contour fit adjustments.

ABS Magnetic Connection (MC)
Developed for fast mount and dismount common with indoor drumlines. Working in conjunction with the ABS Auto Release, the magnetic connection maintains original desired mounting position even with rapid and stylized mounting often seen in indoor and outdoor drumline competitions.
*Standard with Mapex, Ludwig and System Blue

Comprehensive Ergonomic Design
One important key to superior comfort is better fit, and better fit depends on adjustability. Proven Contour Hinge, ABS and Posto technologies allows these carriers to become one with the player while ergonomically contouring the player's torso for both genders. This body profiling fit reduces unwanted torque, yet remains secure and durable enough to be used through the daily rigors of marching field drills.

Posto Technology
MAY ABS Monoposto and Biposto carriers eliminate restrictive J-Rods allowing freedom of movement for elaborate maneuvers essential to any contemporary marching performance. In addition, with their mounting posts and drop and lock features, consistent with Stadium Hardware, MAY Posto series carriers provide stability and easy adjustment on the fly. They also deliver a limitless range of playing positions for all drummers, regardless of their height or drum size.

Magnesium Shoulders
Padded, powder-coated magnesium shoulder supports are 38% lighter than their aluminum counterparts, providing ultra lightweight, long-lasting support and comfort.

Contour Hinge™
Patented Contour Hinge technology incorporates two specifically designed pivot points that independently adjust, profiling both the upper and lower body of the player, supporting a 1:1 real time extension of the performer's elaborate maneuvers that are essential to contemporary band performances.

Tubular Technology
The ultra lightweight, aluminum tubular body provides low mass of structure on the player while yielding unparalleled strength. The tubular frame has also been designed to be incredibly gender friendly, ensuring minimal to no pressure is placed on a female's chest.

Polycarbonate Invertible Abdomen Plate
This ultra light material provides unsurpassed strength to weight ratio. The May® Abdomen Plate™ is virtually free floating; it bears no torque weight from the drum thus allowing the Ab plate to contour to the player's hips and abdomen. It can also be inverted for player preference.

Monoposto/Biposto Bridge
Transfers all the torque load only to the tubes, away from the abdomen plate, improving rigidity and stability to the instrument-creating a more reliable playing position environment. By incorporating the Posto bridge technology with Contour Hinge and ABS, this carrier becomes one with the player and remains secure and durable enough to be used through the daily rigors of contemporary marching movement.

Compact Design
All ABS carriers can be folded to about half their original size for easy transport and protection.

Shoulder Rotation
Each carrier allows for additional shoulder adjustments to the camber (left and right) and caster (back to front) for even further customization.

Invertible Bass Support Post
Complementing any size bass drum, the invertible bass drum post will conform to any radius, while the support pad adjusts independently, allowing for fine-tuning and positioning during play.

Drum Hardware
All ABS Bass marching carriers include respective drum mounting hardware.

Carry On Bag
Custom designed high density foam bag for ease of transport and protection of carrier during travel.
*Standard with Mapex and System Blue


Available through Yamaha
Available through Mapex - Magnetic Connection, signature silver shoulders, carry on bag package
Available through Ludwig - Magnetic Connection
Available through System Blue - Magnetic Connection, carry on bag package